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Public News

ASL des Terres Basses

During the last few weeks, you have noticed that several leaks in the drinking water network have required the stoppage of distribution in Terres-Basses for several days. These leaks were finally repaired by SAUR at the request of the Collectivity following an order from the Prefecture.

However, we cannot rule out the risk of such events happening again.

The HOA does not have authority to intervene on this public network serving the water treatment plant at La Pointe du Canonnier.

 We therefore invite the home owners to make the best arrangements they deem useful, to deal with possible other cuts.


We inform you of the making of the order (arrêté préfectoral n°2022/013) regarding the protection of the sea turtle’s biotope in the Terres-Basses.
Terres-Basses beaches are very important sites for the sea turtle’s conservation. Baie Longue, Baie aux Prunes and Baie Rouge are among the most important egg-laying sites of Saint-Martin.

In order to protect the biotope and the beaches of Terres-Basses, the prefectorial order n°2022/013 states measures of protection, that will help the spawning success of sea turtles. These measures are applied on a specific area, defined as protected area. You will find, in the annex, a map at 1:5000, showing the delimitations.

Your comments made during the public consultation were mainly integrated in the latest version of the prefectorial order, that has been approved. We invite you, therefore, to read the prefectorial order.


L'EEASM announces in a press release on February 28th, 2020 a water shortage in Lowlands. L'ASL Terres Basses answered on March 3rd, and gave details

Never Again!
Professionals : obligation to take the construction waste to the Grande Caye landfill. .

The resumption of water production management, distribution and wastewater treatment in Saint Martin by SAUR since December 2018 has led to changes in the relationship that ASL des Terres Basses usually had with VEOLIA.

In Saint Martin, the Terres-Basses is undoubtedly one of the most famous and appreciated areas for many Saint Martinois, tourists and many residents who live there, owners or tenants, all looking for nature, peace, space and security.

THDTEL network, Optical Fiber : The THDTEL Company continues its work to bring fiber to the gate of each of our colotis.

Hurricane season has started...

The new building permits will be subject to the regulations of our ASL which will be replaced by a more modern specifications in progress and will be submitted to the vote of all the owners.

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