The resumption of water production management, distribution and wastewater treatment in Saint Martin by SAUR since December 2018 has led to changes in the relationship that ASL des Terres Basses usually had with VEOLIA.

The contract concluded between the local authority, represented by the St Martin Water and Sanitation Establishment (EEASM), and SAUR provides that SAUR's interventions are limited to the public domain and that the owners of private roads are responsible for the pipelines under private roads.

On the domain of the Lowlands is the Wastewater Treatment Plant (STEP) at the tip of the Canonniers.

The wastewater arrives at the plant through a pipeline that crosses the Lowlands.

To operate the WWTP requires water.

When the WWTP was built in its current form (1993-1996), Europe financed the Station and the two pipes that are essential for its operation. Générale des Eaux then self-financed, from the water pipe of the STEP, a drinking water distribution network that now supplies some villas that have subscribed to the water service.

The water pipe that crosses the TB is in a poor state and often breaks. Recently, a water leak of 350 M3 of water/day appeared on Jungle Road.

SAUR refused to intervene, considering that it would not intervene in the private domain in accordance with its contract. The days passed and the water ran out, lost.

The ASL met with SAUR, which persisted in not wanting to repair the leak without an order from EEASM, which is logical in relation to the SAUR/EEASM contract. To clearly demonstrate its determination to distinguish public from private domain, SAUR has installed a general meter at the entrance of the Terres Basses in order to quantify the distributed and unpaid water (leaks and fraudsters), by making the difference between the consumption displayed on the general meter and the sum of the consumption readings on the individual meters. The difference constituting leaks and fraud.

After a meeting with the SAUR Regional Director, the pipe was repaired but the problem remains unresolved for future interventions.

We will enter into negotiations with the EEASM very quickly in order to normalize the situation but above all by protecting our interests. Both EEASM and SAUR are open to discussion and a fair agreement.

We will keep you informed.