We inform you of the making of the order (arrêté préfectoral n°2022/013) regarding the protection of the sea turtle’s biotope in the Terres-Basses.
Terres-Basses beaches are very important sites for the sea turtle’s conservation. Baie Longue, Baie aux Prunes and Baie Rouge are among the most important egg-laying sites of Saint-Martin.

In order to protect the biotope and the beaches of Terres-Basses, the prefectorial order n°2022/013 states measures of protection, that will help the spawning success of sea turtles. These measures are applied on a specific area, defined as protected area. You will find, in the annex, a map at 1:5000, showing the delimitations.

Your comments made during the public consultation were mainly integrated in the latest version of the prefectorial order, that has been approved. We invite you, therefore, to read the prefectorial order.


arrêté préfectoral

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